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Game Thread: United States vs. Finland

Echoing the sentiments of Baroque, I haven't been this nervous for a hockey game in a long time. To me, this is more unnerving than a Red Wings game because this is an entire nation's hopes for hockey gold on the line against a very tough Finland team. There are no NHL teams today and all past transgressions are forgiven (see: Kane, Patrick) in my book if the United States can advance to the gold medal game.

United States vs. Finland, 3:00 p.m.

This game will be a tough, hard fought battle for both teams and the winner is guaranteed a medal while the loser has to play another game for the chance to take the bronze. The Finns have a very potent attack and good passing game that could stretch the US defense. However, the US brings speed and physical play to a team that strays from it for the most part. Look for the US to implement that mindset to make Finland second guess certain plays. If Finland is able to use its game plan and not have to play by US rules, the game could be a lot tougher for the Americans.

Key factor: Ryan Miller, G. Miller has been solid all Olympics long and it doesn't appear as if he will let up anytime soon. He's excellent fundamentally and with a star-studded defense in front of him, there's little that should bother him.

Red Wings involved:

Brian Rafalski

#28 / Defenseman / United States



Sep 28, 1973--Dearborn, MI

Olympic Stats:

                          4 goals, 2 assists, +5

Valtteri Filppula

#51 / Center / Finland



Mar 20, 1984--Vantaa, Finland

Olympic Stats:

                          2 goals, +1


Feel free to comment below. I won't be able to join in because I'll be at work...le sigh.