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Game Thread: Canada vs. Slovakia


Canada vs. Slovakia 7:30 p.m. ET

Mike Babcock will send his men to the ice again for Canada as they face Marian Gaborik and Slovakia. The last time the Canadians took the ice, they absolutely demolished a Russian team that was offensive minded only and the defensive lapses showed up very quickly. Don't expect the same though from Slovakia, they play tighter defense and looking to contain the Canadian passing game. Jaroslav Halak is also a lot less aggressive in his positioning than Evgeni Nabokov so that could work to the Slovakians advantage in terms of having the goalie in better position for shots on net. 

Expect Canada to still overpower Slovakia but don't rule Slovakia out. Any team that has guys like Marian Hossa and Gaborik is a threat, no matter what NHL "history" says.


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