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Game Thread: USA vs. Canada

United States vs. Canada, 3:15 p.m. ET

Canada and United States face off for the second time this Olympics and the United States look to take home the gold medal by winning the second while Canada is trying to avenge the group play loss. The United States played a rough and fast paced game against the Canadians and despite what Don Cherry might say, deserved the win they came away with in the group play. But that was with Martin Brodeur in net and a defense playing loosely. Since that loss, Roberto Luongo  has started and has won the three games since. 

Ryan Miller has started every game for the United States and has won them all. He starts his final game of these Olympics and is undoubtedly the rock of the United States team. The defense has played solid around him but Miller has also had to step up big at times. 

So much going on in this game and anything from me is pretty much going to be overkill on everything else you've likely read. I'm looking forward to just sitting back, relaxing and enjoying what will be a great game of hockey.

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And sorry for no Finland/Slovakia thread. I thought it was bad.