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Morning Skate: Anaheim

I'm going to keep it pretty brief this morning, didn't get all that much sleep between the game and when I had to get up for class. Add in the quick turnaround and yeah, it's gonna be brief.


  • Detroit is 2 points up of Calgary for the 8th seed right now. Yippee!
  • Niklas Kronwall will be out of the line-up following a "tweaked" knee. Kronwall's left knee is the one bothering him, the same one Georges Laraque injured. This is likely a just a precautionary measure and will likely be back for the game against the Kings.
  • Don't look now but Anaheim is making a little run. Ducks sit only 5 points behind the Wings heading into tonight's game. Detroit can separate themselves from Anaheim even more with a "W" and build that lead to 7. 
  • Thanks to a ridiculously long shoot-out win by the Phoenix Coyotes, the Nashville Predators only picked up a single point last night. If the Wings win or go to OT tonight they'll pass idle Nashville...temporarily. 
  • Anaheim Calling is the SB Nation source for anything Anaheim you may want to know.
  • No Jean-Sebastian Giguere in Anaheim anymore. Jonas Hiller is the top guy following his contract extension (4 years, $18 million) and then Giguere was shipped to Toronto.
  • How beat the Ducks: Take the middle of the ice. The Wings made a lot of moves in the middle of the ice last night against the Sharks and it worked in terms of making paths to the net. Do the same and make Hiller make the first moves.
  • Key match-up to watch when the Red Wings are on the attack: See how Homer plays in his 2nd game back. 2 assists last night was pretty unexpected so watch to see how much of an impact he makes tonight.
  • Key match-up to watch when the Ducks are on the attack: Ryan Getzlaf. This guy always is a nightmare for the Wings and always tries to get under their skin. I loathe Getzlaf but he's a hell of a scorer.