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SBN's Got You Covered on Super Bowl Sunday

Might as well take the day off today as hockey fans and try to forget about the horrid play by the Wings after the first period yesterday against the Kings. SBN's got a whooooole bunch of stuff going on for the Super Bowl. I'm talking interviews, pictures, game threads, the works.

Guacamole recipe for the snacks of course. Yes, we went Food Network on you.

Stampede Blue is the Colts side of things. Has a whole section on the Super Bowl from the Colts point of view.

Canal Street Chronicles has the Saints side of the game. Who Dat?

For the event page, check here

SBNation.comwill have a game thread running during the game. Should be a MASSIVE game thread if you want to join. I'll probably pop in for a bit at least..