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Projecting the Lines for the Blues

I sat down last night during the Super Bowl, which I found to be probably the most boring in a loooooong time, and tried to figure out how Babcock would juggle the lines with the return of Johan Franzen and possibly all three of the players that left the game against the Kings could be back to the line-up.

So many names to choose from, it's actually kind of fun for once. I couldn't really decide on who goes where because for the first time since October, the Wings will have scoring depth on every line.

Wait, what?

No matter how you juggle the lines, there will be a more than capable scorer on that line. That's an odd thought for this season and may begin to solve some of the scoring woes that have plagued the Wings all season long.

Here's what we know: the line of Draper-Helm-Eaves isn't going anywhere. They're too good together and are lightning out on the ice. In all likelihood, they'll drop down to the fourth line but will still see substantial playing time. But where do you go from there?

Who makes the top line and who gets pushed down to the third? 

Eaves is listed as doubtful with his ankle injury right now (HT to @EtchedInCold) so he could drop in our out before the lines are solidified. Draper and Helm will likely stay together still and if Eaves is indeed out for the game, someone will rotate in for his spot.

Best case scenario: All players are in, happy happy joy joy.

Draper-Helm-Eaves/(Maltby or May)


Draper-Helm-Eaves/(Maltby or May)

Worst case scenario: Homer, Eaves, Miller are all still out for the game. Three players out with only 2 waiting in the press box (May, Maltby)? That would mean that, assuming Kronwall plays, Derek Meech would have to pop in as a forward on the fourth line. If Kronwall can't go, there has to be a call up or the Wings will just have to suck it up an play without a 12th forward or a 6th defenseman. But I see the chances of all four (including Kronner) being out as very slim.

Who ya got for the Wings lines heading into tomorrow's game or is it even not worth worrying about knowing Babcock's penchant for switching things up as players try to ease back into action. Talk amongst yourselves, I gave you a topic (yes, a Coffee Talk reference)