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Thrashers calling Chris Chelios' number

The Atlanta Thrashers have recalled 48-year-old former Red Wing Chris Chelios. Chelios spent 9 full seasons and 10 games of another in Detroit. Following a career low in points (exactly 0 points in the regular season) last year and a growing line for the 6th defensive spot, Chelios was not re-signed by the Red Wings.

Chelios searched for possibly jobs all over the NHL, preferably on the East Coast where his family is, but was unable to find anything at the NHL level. The Thrashers signed him to a minor league contract and Chelios has tallied 5 goals and 17 assists for the Chicago Wolves, the Atlanta AHL affiliate.

Atlanta, struggling of late with a 4-4-2 record in the last 10 and three straight losses, might be looking to tighten up on the defensive side of the puck or just have a seasoned backup.

Be sure to check out Bird Watchers Anonymous for anything on Chelios arriving in Atlanta.

Chris Chelios

Atlanta Thrashers



Jan 25, 1962

Career totals: 185 goals, 763 assists, +352