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Quick Hits: 3/10

Another Chicago Idiot - I found a charming little piece from a Chicago writer entitled "Red Wings Fans Hate America One Tentacle at a Time".  I believe it was supposed to be a tongue in cheek response to Rob Otto's criticism of Chicago fans cheering during the national anthem.  Regardless, the Chicago writer deserves all of your nasty comments.

Oh was That an Important Game? - Jessie from Bingo Bango gives us yet another piece of her mind in regards to last night's game.  Be warned about clicking onto her main page, it could be vomit inducing.

Wings Fall out of 8th Place with All Too Familiar Collapse vs Flames- Bob from Detroit 4 Lyfe gives us a depressing yet well researched recap of all the points that Detroit has squandered away throughout the course of the year.  The sheer quantity my surprise you.

H2H Pledges:: March 9 vs Calgary- Michael Petrella the 125,000+ ranked seach on IMBD and co-writer of The Production Line gives us an update on the little game being played to further raise funds for H2H which is only a week and a half away. 

It's Wednesday - Natalie from The Scrappy Octopus takes a walk off the beaten path with this post.  As a reaction to last night's game, she initiates a more thought provoking discussion, albeit one that only includes Detroit Red Wings if truly love them enough to invite them over to dinner.