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Quick Hits: 3/11

It's a Whole New West - Have you ever tried turning a Will Smith rap song into something relevant for the Red Wings?  It's hard me.

 GDT Game #67 Red Wings host Wild (7:30)- It wouldn't be a game day if we didn't have one of these posts from Jeff, the Oklahoma Wing nut over at Abel to Yzerman.  The analysis, gathering of news, and insight proves that he's a Wingnut first, and a lawyer second.

The Survival Guide to a Detroit-less Stanley Cup Play-offs- I told you that Tyler over at The Triple Deke was both a renegade and a maverick.  Well, he thinks about the un-thinkable and let's us know what to do should Detroit fall short of the post-season.

We Need this One- Andy from Fight Night at the Joe's post is short and to the point, just like the title would suggest.  A message said in few words is just as true as those narcissists who prattle on for paragraph after paragraph.

And so We Meet Again - Jessie over at Bingo Bango takes a stab at optimism, calm, and doesn't last long, but it was fun while it lasted.