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Quick Hits: 3/12

Kick 'Em When They're Down vs Wild- When it comes to participation, I'm a very gracious winner.  When it comes to the Red Wings winning...not so much.  I grabbed ALL of the comments from yesterday's game thread at Hockey Wilderness (there was only 6) and shared them with you along with my thoughts.  Plus a little extra bitterness from Pinky just for fun of it.  We're staying classy here at WIM.

 Wasn't That Weird?- a Dutch accent.  Kyle from Babcock's Death Stare discusses just how well Detroit played last night and the lack of stress that it caused.  And yes, he even uses bullet points.

I Don't Hate the Wild So Much When We're Beating Them- The lovely ladies from Hockeytown Static give us their thoughts from last night's contest.  Title pretty much sums it up, eh?  Regardless, If you haven't wondered over to this site yet, you most definately should.

Only One Word Will Suffice- If you haven't experienced an Abel to Yzerman live haven't a mad crazy juvenilistic Red Wings fanatic, that is.  Go and check out the 540+ comments for last night's game.  There's always some doozys to be found.

Red Wings 5, Wild 1: Post Game Snipes- As always, Kris from Snipe Snipe, Dangle Dangle gives us bullet points galore along with answered questions and even a few mini awards while discussing the beat down in Hockeytown last night.  But the Golden Facepalm award was exported to a southern to find out where.