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Quick Hits: 3/15

Revenge is a Meal Best Served Cold- My latest movie poster turned Red Wing pre-game shenanigans.  If the play-offs were a little blonde haired school girl, then Hank Zetterberg is bad mother that will die to protect her.

GDT - Game #69: Red Wings @ Flames- The world of Red Wings would be a much less informative place with Jeff taking time from his busy schedule of...practicing whatever kind of law is his specialty.  Just like King Lidas, Abel to Yzerman is strong and dependable for game days.

It was Always Burning Since the World's Been Turning - Much like Billy Joel and hit songs, The Production line churns out another solid game day post.  Funny names, videos for JJ from Kansas, and H2H implications (donations)...what more could one ask for?

Believe It - Rob from Wings Win, Eh? looks at tonight's game and the past two and breaks them down concisely, yet effectively.

O jogo do ano (até agora) - Outro post de Herm no Red Wings Brasil. Clique no link e selecione 'versão em Inglês' para ver o que ele está falando.