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Quick Hits: 3/16

Numbers to the Rafters?- Who (besides Lidstrom) will be heading to the rafters from this era?  Osgood?  Holmstrom?  Fedorov?  The discussion started at Nightmare on Helm Street started last night and I thew in a doctored photo to help you picture what could be...

H2H Update *IMPORTANT* - The Production Line is cutting the pledge drive game they were playing a little short for logistical reasons.  If you are currently participating, you need to read this.  If you are not participating, you need to read this so you can begin before it's too late.

Game #69 -- Red Wings @ Flames- Notes and thoughts on last night's big win in the Saddledome.  The usual hilarity from the Triple Deke, but for God's sake, someone teach those guys how to insert the Western Conference Standings that doesn't require a magnifying glass to read.

Heating Up: Red Wings 2, Flames 1 - Chris Hollis of Motown Wings uses a powerful word to describe last night's contest: perfect.  His explanation is much more in-depth, so check it out.

Yeah, yeah, yeah! What a Huge Win!- Andy from Fight Night at the Joe proves that using exclamation points in post titles isn't just for the ladies.  Everyone's favorite Norwegian Red Wings blogger gives us a recap, plays, and keys to last night's triumph.