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Quick Hits: 3/17

Tuesday's Gone - With Detroit's "spring break" in full swing here until Friday, I turn to looking around the league at Western Conference scores.  Basically, Tuesday sucked for us.  Click to see why I think so.

I Can Haz Happy Back - Cody from Wings Win, Eh? explores the possibilty of Hudler's return.  This was actually posted yesterday, but it's worth talking about...especially during the lull.

Fedorov's Jersey - Andy from Fight Night at the Joe has something to say for all you "#91 should be in the rafters" people...and those that don't should get a kick out of this as well.  He really doesn't like Fedorov all.

Vacation Free Agents, Part Two - Hockeytown USA takes a look at some of the guys that will become Free Agents (restricted and unrestricted) once this season / post-season) is over with.  There's a couple players that we can't afford to lose.