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Quick Hits: 3/18

Yell Help, Wednesday Night, Ugly - It's an Elton John song.  Day #2 of 3 Red Wing-less days ended on St. Patty's yesterday, and as sure as there was green-colored vomit that was probably spewed when Wings fans caught site of this, there were three games played yesterday, so let's discuss.

Red Wings vs Oilers; Preview for Friday Night - RC from Word on a Wing gives us a short, but impressive look at tomorrow's game including team stats and "scary pairs".  Check it out.

Blame Game Update: Just in Time, a Hearty About Face - Captnorris from The Winged Wheel gives us a real in-your-face take on what's going on and what's been going on in the Red Wings universe.  "They're all big games", indeed.

Vacation Free Agents, Part Three - Ryan Weiss of Hockeytown USA gives us his third installment of upcoming Free Agents currently on the Detroit Red Wings.  This post could have actually been called, Vacation Free Agents, The Throw Aways (except for Andreas Lilja).

Play-off Picture: 3 1/2 Weeks to Go! - Rob from Wings Win, Eh? takes a look at both Conferences as we head down the stretch with less than a month to go in the regular season.  I'm a sucker for posts that end in questions, so head on over to WWE and let him know what you think.