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Quick Hits: 3/19

The Oil Crash- The next two pre-game movie posters may not seem like it, but they were probably the ones I spent the most time searching for.  I submit to you tonight's poster for our game vs Edmonton.

Striking Oil: Gameday Time! (Finally!) - Some strange soul by the handle discoelephant provides us with this post from Eight Legged Freaks.  It's an interesting look at tonight's match-up with a very bold and unfavorable prediction.

Red Wings vs Oilers GP - Yet another solid post from Kris over at Snipe Snipe, Dangle Dangle.  She's got questions, the Red Wings have answers.

I Bet the Purple Gang Win Sixteen Stanley Cups in a Row- After a short hiatus, the ladies over at Hockeytown Static are back.  This image-driven post is definitely worth a look-see.  Welcome back, girls.

GDT - Game #70 Red Wings at Oilers- Okie is back I really have to explain these A2Y game day threads still?  Just click the link, it's a game-day must.