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Hockeytown 4 Haiti, Herm 2 Hockey town update

Hey all, first off sorry for the delay in this post. I wanted it to get its proper recognition and didn't feel that the Olympic Break would have helped it out all too much. 

We finally got the donations in order and made the donation to the American Red Cross following our Hockeytown 4 Haiti game thread. We raised over $550 in donations--$400 direct, $150 indirect--and donated the money to a good cause. I can't thank you all enough for contributing to this event, it's pretty awesome that a venue like this allows us to help other people who have had their lives turned upside down.

I'd like to take some time to personally thank those who donated: jennbikegirl, jennyquarx, Baroque, ahtrap, mauvais gardien de but, mpetrella, my pops, and a couple of donors that wished to remain anonymous.

Thank you thank you thank you.

Continuing along the lines of charity, our buddies Michael and Rob over at The Production Line have put together an awesome additional fundraiser for Herm 2 Hockeytown, I won't go into full detail since the post explains it much better than I could. Donations have exceeded the needs for Herm's travels so the remaining donations go to the Children's Hospital in Detroit.