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Quick Hits: 3/22

In the Harshest Place on Earth, Love Finds a Way- That harsh place is Joe Louis Arena for visiting teams.  The love of the play-offs for Red Wings fans will indeed find a way.  The obvious choice for this pre-game movie poster is "March of the Penguins", the poster itself though, is far less obvious.

Giving the Pens the Recognition they Crave - VooX from over at Abel to Yzerman delivers some delicious Penguins troll bait, that they simply can't resist.  This one is written so tongue-in-cheek, you could almost swear it was written by the Chief himself.

A Day in the Life of Chris Osgood (and Jimmy Howard)- Andy from Fight Night at the Joe takes us through a satirized day between the two goalies.  He openly admits that the post is childish and rude and since I reiterated that statement on here, no one can claim that they're shocked at what is written.

Finally a Little Help Here- Ryan from Hockeytown USA finally gives me a little help in talking about the scores from around the league.  He breaks down each game from yesterday and how it could effect the Red Wings.

Game 9 of the Stanley Cup Final - Michael from the Production Line gives us another solid game day post.  Today's the cut-off for their H2H pledge game over at TPL so this is your last chance to join in the fun while serving a noble cause (it'll make up for whatever profane thing I'm sure you said to someone on St. Patty's day).