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Quick Hits: 3/23

Jimmah For President of Space (TM- Babcock's Death Stare) - My co-author over at Nightmare on Helm Street is absolutely obsessed with long, drawn out titles such as this.  But he usually does a pretty bang-up job of entertaining the readers.  Having said that, I present to you his thoughts on last night's game.

Someone Want to Count the Crosschecks? - Paul, the Emperor and propriotor of hockey blog giant, Kukla's Korner provided a link to the Crosby tantrum that occurred last night and posted it under that title.  And boy, were the Penguins fans upset about it.  Read the idiocy as they vainly attempt to try and defend their "captain".

High Expectations For The Upcoming Week - VooX over at Abel to Yzerman continues to perform admirably and previews this week's coming attractions.  They include tomorrow's game against the St. Louis Blues, Herm to Hockeytown, the game against the Wild on Friday, and more...

A Message from Herm - The man, the myth, the Brazilian.  With Herm to Hockeytown rapidly approaching, Herm sits down and delivers a personal message via webcam to all those who have helped make this vision come true.  A truer send-off has never been spoken.

That's Our Goalie - After another extended dissapearing act, Jessie from Bingo Bango makes her triumphant return.  She has exclusive (and by that I mean, made-up) coverage of the interview that could have happened between James "Tiberius" Howard, and your very own Larry Murphy.