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Quick Hits: 3/24

A Tick Tock Joint - It's time for your pre-game movie poster for tonight's contest against the St. Louis Blues.  How hard is it to involve Spike Lee and hockey in the same post?  Click and find out.

GDT - Game #73: Red Wings host Blues - Your obligatory link to the obligatory game day thread from Jeff "Okie" over at Abel to Yzerman.  Stats, quotes, trends, what more could one ask for?

Still Got the Blues for You (now with more Captain Beefheart) - Andy from Fight Night at the Joe provides us with keys to tonight's game as well as a baffling amount of song selections.  Check it out...if you dare.

Jogo de hoje e até daqui a pouco - Mesmo que ele está saindo em breve, Herm continua a postar, então você deve continuar a ler.

Hockeytown in 24 - Natalie from the Scrappy Octopus shares her excitement for H2H and her ensuing trip.  She even goes so far as to name names of those she's really looking forward to seeing.  Sadly, I'm not one of them, but to prove that I'm not petty, I'm linking you to her site anyway.