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Quick Hits: 3/26

Pittsburgh Whining?  Shocking - Another idiot wants to take a stab at the prestige of the title "Hockeytown".  This time, the ammunition is based on the fact that Detroit boo's Crosby at Joe Louis Arena.  I have a few things to say about that.

Big H2H News - Sorry for linking to two posts to the Nightmare on Helm Street, but this is news that you have you see and I didn't want to miss the people who clicked on the above link and then left before checking out the main page...or those who didn't bother clicking the above link at all.

Game #73 Red Wings vs Blues - The usual hilarity from the boys over at the Triple Deke.  Tyler and Brent look at last night's game (and the Bernstein Advantage) and give us their pure, unadulterated thoughts.  Enjoy.

Making the Play-offs 101: How the Wings Weathered the Storm and got back in the Hunt- If you can find a longer title, I commend you.  Ryan over at Hockeytown USA, who obviously has no interest in having 'twitter friendly titles, looks at the key factors that have brought Detroit from the brink of an early off-season.

Jimmy Howard is Greater Than Jesus- Rob over at Wings Win, Eh? grabs some Bill Brasky-esque quotes from Jimmy Howard's facebook fan page.  Check them out, you'll be sorry if you don't.