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Herm2Hockeytown: WIM plans

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Hey all, just wanted to give you an update on some of the stuff we'll be doing (or trying to do depending on how fast paced everything is).

  • First, we will of course host a game thread here for those that are unable to come. We have a couple of volunteers that will be pulling twitpics off of twitter and putting them in the thread. Any requests, just DM me @MrNorrisTrophy .
  • Second, we will run a live twitter feed on WIM (you'll see it pop up at about 3:30 or 4) during the festivities tomorrow that will allow you to keep up with the happenings and likely see a ton of pictures. 
  • Third, we may even try a twitvid of some stuff too so look for that. We'll of course get a picture or two with the man himself, Herm, at the pre-party or at the game. He's the star of this show and if you haven't checked out the tweets, go check @H2Hockeytown for some of the awesome stuff he's already been a part of.
  • Fourth, We'll try to throw together a WIM "team photo" with the members present (Petrella, Discher, Kyle, Drew, Hollis, and myself). Mainly for kicks and giggles.
  • Fifth, someone better post a freaking anteater during the game. 
There will be a morning skate up tomorrow but I don't know how focused and good it will be because I'm freakin' excited out of my mind for the game tomorrow so who knows.