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Playoff numbers update

Wanted to take a quick second before my ridiculously busy schedule kicks off today to look at the playoff scenario for the West.

After last night's games, Detroit sits at the 6 spot with 1 point cushion on either side (Nashville 5th, Colorado 7). Calgary, the 9th place team, has 85 points at the moment to Detroit's 91. If you assume Calgary wins out their remaining 6 games, they end up with 97 points. That, however, is a huge assumption considering their remaining schedule. Calgary's remaining games are: Phoenix, @Colorado, @Chicago, San Jose, Minnesota, and @Vancouver to finish out the season. Five of the remaining six games on the block for them are teams currently in playoff spots. That doesn't mean they won't win any of those, it just means it's going to be tough sweatin' to pick up the points necessary.

Detroit, however, needs to only pick up seven points in the span of their next seven games to solidify that spot. Once again, that's assuming that Calgary wins out. Detroit also has a much easier schedule in place for the remaining seven games, including three games against Columbus (the next to last team in the West).

The remaining seven games for Detroit are as follows: Edmonton, Columbus, Nashville,@Philadelphia, Columbus, @ Columbus, and @Chicago. Looking at that list of games, Detroit should be able to wrangle about 4-6 wins out of it--giving them 8 to 12 points and solidifying the playoff spot. 

From what we've learned in the NHL, nothing is guaranteed. The Red Wings still need to push the pedal to the floor in the attempt to make the playoffs. If they can take 9 points over the last 14 possible, they'll have another 100 point season and another guaranteed spot. If all goes according to plan, they could rank as high as a fifth seed even (giving them likely either San Jose or Phoenix, whichever team doesn't take the division).

Next game is tomorrow against Edmonton. For whatever reason, the Wings have struggled with the Oilers this season so hopefully they'll be able to overcome whatever has bogged them down against Edmonton. 

5. Nashville--92 points, 6 remaining games
6. Detroit--91 points, 7 remaining games
7. LA-90 points, 8 remaining games
8. Colorado--89 points, 7 remaining games
9. Calgary--85 points, 6 remaining games