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Quick Hits: 3/29

Thanks for the New Verb, Patrick- By now, all of you have probably seen the replays of Patrick Eaves face-planting instead of shooting on Pekka Rinne in Saturday's win against Nashville.  But that's just wear the story begins...

Herm to Hockeytown: The Aftermath- Voox, the Abel to Yzerman bartender serves up the place for The 19 to share their thoughts, and a lot of pictures, of the epic event.  The comments are as "must read" as the actual post itself.

H2H:: A Survival Guide- Michael "Gravity Defying Hair" Petrella puts up a ton of H2H pics himself along with a timeline of events that in no way were copied of Tyler from The Triple Deke..even though it came out after.

Herm to Hockeytown Running Diary- "I can't believe how tall you are" Tyler from The Triple Deke gives us a run-down of H2H weekend spanning Thursday through Saturday.  No epic pics, but epic hilarity that is to be expected can be found here.

Estou Vivo - Primeiro post de Herm desde que voltou ao Brasil. Será que alguém ainda olhar para o que eu escreva aqui?