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Quick Hits: 3/3

Newbury's Send-off - What better way to say goodbye to Kris Newbury than through poetry?  I'm no Bill Shakespeare, but hopefully you'll find it at least somewhat amusing.

Wings Flip Newbury for Owens - Kyle at Babcock's Death Stare provides us with some actual details (and a pic) of the guy we received in the epic Newbury trade.

GDT - Game #63: Red Wings Host Canucks (7:30) - Jeff, the Oklahoma Wing Nut throws more information at you about tonight's game than you can possibly fathom.  Don't beleive me?  Head over to A2Y and see for yourself.

I Bet She Gives Great Helmet - The Production Line's whacky look at the game tonight against the Canucks.  Oh and a Pamela Anderson pic for good measure.

Dia sem limite - Um post sobre Deus sabe o quê. Eu acho que é sobre o prazo de comércio. É escrito por Herm do Red Wings Brasil.