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Quick Hits: 3/30

The Battle for the Future - I've said it before and I'll say it again: The Edmonton Oilers are a terrible team to try and make a movie poster for.  Once again I have to into the realm of obscure documentaries to bring you this.

You can SAY You Wanna Be Our HuckleBerry, But You Really, Really Don't - The Chief has returned...sort of.  Reporting to us from Lima, he breaks down our possible play-off match-ups in that all too familiar and all-too missed style that only the Chief can produce.

Red Wings vs Oilers GP- By my watch, Kris from Snipe Snipe, Dangle Dangle gives us the first post of the day by anyone...and all because she can't hold in the excitement associated with watching tonight's game from inside JLA's Alumni Room.  Hmmm...that sounds fun, I think I'll join her (seriously).

You Better Love Somebody!- The usual game day thread from Mike Petrella over at The Production Line...only with a Rick Springfield twist.  When you've finished shuddering at the thought of Rick Springfield, go ahead and click on over, but have barf bag handy.

Between The Benches: Oilers at Red Wings- Another solid post from Hockeytown USA.   Ryan looks at recent trends for both teams as well as players he thinks you should keep your eye on tonight.