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New Blogs on the Block

A lot of new blogs have popped up over the course of the season. While most of those are already featured on our Red Wings blogroll on the left, I thought I'd take a second to highlight some of the newer players in the ever expanding Red Wings blogosphere.

  • Hockeytown, USA: rwum14 brings you a new take on the Wings with some great insight and well worth a read. The site isn't brand new but I had unfortunately failed to mention it earlier (sorry) and it definitely deserves to be mentioned in this post.
  • Eight Legged Freaks: eightleggedfreaks (or Jordan) brings you a blog appropriately named...well, Eight Legged Freaks. The site bursts with Red Wings imagery and the writing matches the imagery. Well done sir, well done.
  • Word on a Wing: Rick brings you a stat-packed Red Wings blog with a pretty sweet twitter background. No, we're not talking about the David Bowie song but Red Wings analysis and stats at your fingertips. Definitely worth a read so check it out.
These are just a few of the new blogs out there and if you know of any more, feel free to toss them my way and we'll update this pretty often.

Of course, If you can't find this post again later on, the sites above will be on the Blogroll on the left.