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Quick Hits: 3/4

Sour Grapes: 3/3 vs VAN - I happened over to the Nucks Misconduct blog and pulled a few of the more amusing comments during their game thread.  Sometimes it helps ease the pain after a loss.

They're Back?? - Jessie from Bingo Bango, who posts about as often as Ozzie starts these days, gives us her take on last night's game.  Voice of an angel, vocab of a sailor...reader beware.

Generic New Post - Kyle from Babcock's Death Stare had to change the title and repost after some technical difficulties.  In this post, he furthers the notion that the injury bug has been passed on to the bloggers.

Do You Get the Feeling that it's Just Not Going to Happen? - Tyler, the maverick renegade of Red Wings bloggers lets a little dispair slip in his recap of last night's disasterous game.

Red Wings 3, Canucks 6: Post Game Snipes - Kris from Snipe Snipe, Dangle Dangle admits that she is no longer enamored with Ryan Kesler and gives us other thoughts from last night's game along with answers to the questions she asked yesterday.