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Quick Hits: 3/5

"We Overpaid for Zetterberg" - Marty Erat shot his mouth off to the wrong member of the Detroit Red Wing security staff.  His smack talking found its way to me and I submitted it to you.  This is just a reminder of who we're up against and what was said.

The Kitchen Sink - Grade "A" motivational material here from Natalie of the Scrappy Octopus.  By the way, she wrote this upon my request when I got sick of not having anything new to read this morning.  You're welcome.

Will we see a Return of KronWall?- Life is full of small, wonderful surprises...kind of like Jessie from Bingo Bango.  Two posts in one week, and this one about tonight's game is classic.

Wings Remain TPL's Greatest Love of All - The Production Line continues to not disappoint, providing information and humor in equal doses.  If you don't check out their game day threads regularly, you really ought to.

GDT - Game #64: Red Wings host Predators- Jeff, the Oklahoma Wing Nut and attorney extraordinaire does yet another bang up job us comparing the two teams analytically.  He also provides a little of his own insight and gives us a few clippings from the news.