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Quick Hits: 3/8

You're Still in Our Shadow, Little Brother- Sure the Blackhawks are way ahead of us in the Central Division and the Western Conference Standings, but I think we're still in their head.  And I use this post to help explain why.

Game #65 -- Red Wings @ Blackhawks- Straight and to the point.  The renegade maverick Red Wings blogger over at The Triple Deke flexes his photoshop muscles.

Biggest Game of the Year #66 - Rob at Wings Win, Eh?  Looks past the successful weekend that was and start preparing for the Calgary game tomorrow.  Using several different scenarios, you can see all possible outcomes.

Between the Benches: Flames at Red Wings - Ryan Weiss of Hockeytown USA also looks towards tomorrow's game and provides players to watch, possible line combinations for the Red Wings, and a brief synopsis of what lead both teams to this point.

The Week Ahead, Jersey Shore Style - Rob from The Production Line takes a unique look at some of the action around the league this week.  I...uh...oh just click the link.  Don't make me explain it, I never watch the show.