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Quick Hits: 4/1

HER HUSBAND...HER ROOM...AND ANOTHER WOMAN- I know, I know, CAPS LOCK fail, right?  Wrong.  That's how IMDB had the tag line for this pre-game movie poster so that's how I present it to you.  Bertuzzi looks all too comfortable wielding an axe.

Hold on to Yo' Butts- Jurrasic Park and Red Wings fans unite.  Mike "Lethal at 8 months...and I do mean lethal" Petrella of the Production line provides us with wit and insight into the Red Wings meeting with the Blue Jackets tonight.

Wings Seek Seventh Straight - RC over at Word on a Wing gives us a great preview of tonight's game.  I don't know how they generate their graphics over there, but they're awesome.

Previewing the Blue Jackets - Pretty self explanatory title isn't it?  This one is provided to the self-proclaimed rocket fuel drinking Ellen over at The Big Red Machine.  Don't worry...she quit smoking.

2009/2010 NOHS Blogging Awards - I hate posting to NOHS twice in one day, it makes me feel dirty.  But seeing as Chris (yes, I have a co-author) posts so rarely, I figured it's only fair to bring some attention to his writings.  I think it's good for a laugh, and I hope that you do too.