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Quick Hits: 4/12

We're Going to Make Your White-Out Bleed Red- Our SBN brethren over at the un-aptly named "Five for Howling" decided it would be cute to write a memo to the Coyote Fans on how to treat the fans of Detroit...since you know, they're not exactly the most knowledgeable/loyal fans.  This is my response.

Doubting Us?  Well, Stand By To STFU- The Chief over at Abel to Yzerman is back and he came out swinging.  This blistering post is chalk full of all of our favorite Chief-isms including Denver/Rosby bashing.  Make sure you get on over there, read the post, and thank everyone's favorite Navy Officer for doing his duty for our freedom.

Oh It's Like Christmas Morning- Little Jess from over at Bingo Bango gives us her take on the recent 'Yote smack talking.  She also shares with us her personal experience with a Phoenix fan in the ladies, Ben Rothlesberger was not involved and we couldn't prove it even if he was.

The March to 12: Finally the Hockey Juju is on Our Side- Captnorris5 not only is giving Hockeytown USA a run for its money in the longest post title category, but he also provides us with one of the coolest/freakiest graphics that I've seen in a long time.  Check it out, the numbers game he plays will simply blow your mind.

Our Ode to the Play-offs - The guys over at Eight Legged Freaks (watch out for rattlesnakes) snub the rest of our smack talking and analysis and share with you with what the play-offs mean to them.  Sure, it may sound corny, but it's a good read, so check it out.