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Quick Hits: WCQF Game #1

Injuries and Officiating- For longer than you can possibly imagine, blogging legend Hockeytown Todd has been preaching these two factors as the overriding decision makers in the play-offs.  Unfortunately, we cannot control either of them...but how will they come into play?

It Just Feels Like A Tuesday - WARNING: If you are easily agitated or have a weak stomach, the large picture in this A2Y post may be difficult to handle.  For the rest of us, it is a real big motivator for the play-offs...too bad we're not the ones playing, eh Chief?

It's Time for Play-Off Rituals - Eight Legged Freaks provides us with a run down of their own (and a few others') play-off superstitions.  Stop and by and leave a story or matter how strange or violent they may be...I'm looking at you, Casey.

TTD Minute Episode 1- A brand new chapter is opened on The Triple Deke.  The boys give us a short video dedicated to the Phoenix Coyotes and the art of snake throwing.  Enjoy.

Whoa, He's Alive - Self proclaimed movie snob Michael Petrella returns from hiatus to give you information about the Official Red Wings Away Game Viewing Party.  Want to know where it is?  Click the link.