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Quick Hits: 4/15

I Wasn't Going to Dwell on This, But...- Sure we got 6 powerplays last night, sure we only cashed in on one of them.  But Lidstrom getting popped in the face is in-excusable, I don't care if it's late in the game and Phoenix already had a guy in the box.

On Abdelkader- After playing a fairly grit-less game against the Anaheim Du...oh, I mean Phoenix Coyotes last night, a lot of people are hoping that Justin Abdelkader gets back into the lineup for tomorrow's WCQF Game #2.  Hollis from Motown Wings weighs in.

Well That Was Painful- An insider's perspective from Bingo Bango Jessie..remember that she has to live and work with these people in Phoenix.  As a result, she's taking this series very, very personally.

Red Wings 2, Coyotes 3 Post Game Snipes- Kris from SSDD gives us her final thoughts on last night's games and answers to all 16 questions that she raised before hand.

Conference Quarterfinals Game 1 Red Wings @ Coyotes- The boys from The Triple Deke break down last night's game for us in that all-too-familiar TTD fashion.  Real and fake quotes come together in harmony to help ease the pain of going down 1-0 in the series.