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Quick Hits: WCQF Game #2

Gangster, Death Row Inmate, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee - Yes, it's back.  The pre-game movie poster has returned to try and turn around this series out in the desert.  Want to see some interesting Coyote carnage?  Click the link.

Round 1 Game 2 Preview Wings @ Coyotes - The Datsyukian Geek gives us his 3 element formula for coming away with a "W" in this game.

500th Post of Nonsensical Self Indulgent Pantsless Extraveganza. With Midgets.  Alright, No Midgets - And the winner of the longest post title for me ever to have to re-write on here goes to the boys of The Triple Deke.  But I ain't mad because of one word: nannerpuss.

Doan em quen doer - Eu sei que este foi poted ontem, mas Herm no Red Wings Brasil usou um gráfico impressionante, por isso aqui está.

Red Wings vs Coyotes Game Two GP - Kris from Snipe Snipe, Dangle Dangle gives us 16 keys to the game tonight.  One for every win that we need in order to claim Cup #12.