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Comments from last night's thread

Did you hear what Baroque said?
Did you hear what Baroque said?

Just wanted to take a look through some of the comments from last night's thread(s) and how they panned out over the course of the game. Not picking on anyone at all, just interesting to see how some of the things worked out. Also, highlighting some of the best ones and ones I found to be hilarious.

First off, happy belated birthday to Gander! Hank brought you a good one it seems.

From Baroque after the "shoooot!" topic was brought up:

That’s just hockey knowledge. They’ve been watching for almost a whole month, you know. :)
I laughed my ass off at that. Well done, ma'am. 

From WahooWing early on in the game:
hank needs to realize he's here to win freaking playoff games
Message received. A little late, but received.

From WingedUP on Kronwall:
I want more of THIS (followed by picture of Havlat getting Kronwall-ed)

Nokelainen gave Kronwall the chance, you bet he took it.


From Brobz (during the 1st intermission I believe):

My name is Todd Walsh

I’m playing the world’s smallest violin for the most neglected fanbase in hockey. Albeit, most of these fans haven’t waited 8 years. They’ve waited about 2 weeks after learning their team made the playoffs.
'Nough said.

From Rwings:
I’m just impressed they know which way to face to watch the game


From rwum14:
As he stands there silently
I'm with ya on that. How did they feel it appropriate to sing-song Jimmy after one goal? oh...that's right.


From velocitas:
Only I didn’t say fudge
Bonus points for a A Christmas Story reference


From WingedUP after Fil's breakaway goal:

Oh my god. I feel absolutely bipolar right now.
Preach it sister, we all felt that way last night.


From MrNFL:
needs more Benny Hill song. 
hahaha. I agree.

From WahooWing:
release the kraken!

Henrik Zetter-kraken to the rescue!


From eight_legged_freaks on Jonathan Ericsson:

For a big man, he plays like he's Hudler's size.

The truth hurts.

From mikerlz:

facial expression fail

on doan. constipation maybe?
I actually thought the same thing


From Baroque again on the Phoenix fans

they are waiting for the scoreboard to give them instructions
Homegirl was on fire tonight.


The goal light thing the SCH guy posted? Banishment.

From DetroitALLtheway09:

FINISH HIM: Forward, down, forward.. hold A and Start

damn right.


One last thing, it was badass how many people stayed until AFTER the game was over and even started a new thread. Bravo folks.