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Quick Hits: 4/19

Chin Up, Stick Down, and Skate- My attempt at being positive after attending last night's stinkfest.  I thought long and hard about how I wrote my first post after a bad loss...this is what I came up with.

Let's Look to the Stars- No...for once, we don't mean Dallas (Marty Turco is the cure for any bad Red Wings game).  Bingo Bango Jessie takes a walk off of the map and gets all celestial on us.  Enjoy her horoscopes.

A Special Treat for our Out-of-Town Readers- The ladies from Hockeytown Static gives us the run down of the post-game show for everyone who missed it.  Is this a parody?  I don't know, I was at the game and stuck around to drink my sorrows away so I would have missed any post-game TV shenanigans.

Don't Drop the Octopus- Bingo Bango Jessie NEVER posts twice in the same day, so I figure it's only fair to give her two links on the day she does.  This one is actually not non-sensical and fairly well though out...miracles do happen, ya know.

Doan Face - A lot of people took the day off (from blogging) to wallow in their sadness.  So this should cheer everyone else up.  After Doan's ridiculous goal celebration in Game 2, Puckdaddy posts a gallery of people making fun of him.  I've posted my favorite one here, and might just use this as inspiration for tomorrow's movie poster (it's already completed).