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Quick Hits: WCQF Game #4

Feel the Wrath in JLA- No movie poster for Game 1, we lose.  Movie poster for Game 2, we win.  No movie poster for Game 3, we lose.  How could I NOT make one for today's game.  And how could I NOT use the Doan Face to do so?

If The Red Wings Lose Game 4 , It's Over. Pack It In - Blame Lidstrom And Company- The title pretty much says it all, doesn't it?  Joe Berkel of Red Wings Guy Dot Com isn't going to make many friends with his oppinion.  But he's entitled to it...isn't he?

Controversia? Aonde?- Novamente, em Português, mas acho que Herm é discutir a controvérsia em torno se Osgood ou Howard deve jogar esta noite.

Between the Benches: Game 4- Ryan from Hockeytown USA gives us an in-depth look at tonight's lineup on both sides.  He says tonight is "do-or-die".  I think most people would agree.

Showing Up: Game Four to Defend Our Barn- Solid, solid gameday post from Eight Legged Freaks.  In our most desperate hour, who better to turn to than Stevie-Y?