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Quick Hits: 4/21

Back to the Desert - With everyone's nerves getting a much needed rest until Friday, I thought it was a good idea to have a little fun today spoofing on Spaceballs with Mr. Bettman and the Phoenix Coyotes.  This is the first part in a 3 part series.  Here's #2 and here's #3.

I Feel Better This Morning- I'm Sure Jess from Bingo Bango isn't the only one.  But she provides her thoughts on last night's contest and provides a video that my work blocks me from I hope it's funny.  I'll confirm that when I get home.

Being a BAMF is never easy- Newcomer Ti from the cleverly titled Franzenmuth gives us her thoughts on Jimmy Howard doing his best Terry Sawchuck impersonation.  Write that play's one for the ages.  And welcome aboard, Franzenmuth!

Beautiful - Andy from Fight Night at the Joe.  Probably the shortest post I've ever linked to...but it got a chuckle out of me.  Plus Andy is a celebrity now.  If you've been to Game 3 or've seen him on those giant bedsheets hanging from scoreboard.

Round 1, Game 4: Coyotes at Red Wings- When she's not debating about whether or not to double space betweene sentences on twitter, Ellen from the Big Red Machine is giving us a solid post about last night's contest with a unique +,-, or = rating on some of the factors in the game.