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Quick Hits: 4/22

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Hockeytown Heroes - Probably the coolest Detroit Red Wings fan story that isn't "Herm to Hockeytown".  H2H tops them all, but this one isn't far behind.  Red Wings fans are the best.  Period.

Let's Look to the Stars...Again - Jessie from Bingo Bango gives us another Zodiac propelled look at our players.  Hey, it worked for Tuesday, so why not Friday?

Wings in 7 - Rob from The Production Line breaks down his thoughts from The Obstructed View.  A surprisingly and uncharacteristically analystic post.

Forward to Game 5 - Newcomer Ti from Franzenmuth shares her thoughts about Andreas Lilja's blog and the man himself.  I love the daily posts from the new and enthusiastic bloggers, I really do.

Greatest Hockey Trophy - A charming little piece from Kris over at Snipe Snipe, Dangle Dangle.  It's an essay about the Stanley Cup from her little sis who is in the 7th grade...and writes better than a lot of bloggers.