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Detroit's rankings through 4 games

Just wanted to take a quick look at how the Red Wings are performing stat wise through 4 games played. Of course the rankings are a bit skewed because some teams have played 5 games.

Goals per game: 3.50 (T-3rd)
Goals against per game: 2.75 (T-6th)

Shots per game: 36.2 (3rd)
Shots against per game: 32.0 (9th)

Power Play: 29.4% (3rd)
Penalty Kill: 82.4% (6th)
PIM per game: 9.5 (T-4th)

Hits: 139 (7th)
Blocked Shots: 38 (16th :(   )

Face-offs: 51.1% (6th)

Those are just a few of the stats. Do they mean anything? Sure. Do they predict anything? Not necessarily.

The things that stick out to me are the shots per game being so high and the power play's success.