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Quick Hits: WCQF Game #5

When the Last Angel Falls, the Fight for Mankind Begins- Probably the longest I've ever spent creating a pre-game movie poster...but they're good luck, so I have no regrets.  Fans of Hockeytown will invade Glendale once again...hopefully for the last time this post-season.

Preview: Wings @ Coyotes, Round 1 Game 5 - The Datsyukian Geek breaks tonight's game down for us.  In typical "Geek" fashion, Brad gives use his three keys to a Detroit victory in the desert tonight.

Heading West: Time to Take Stranglehold in Game 5- Eight Legged Freaks gives us their take on tonight's pivotal game.  Who's Hot?  Have you Heard about Bertuzzi?  Clint Eastwood?  All questions answered here, folks.

Lidstrom Screwed by Stats and Stupidity- Apparently the Chief over at Abel to Yzerman is letting VooX stay on board to post...and I dig it.  He gives us his take on Lidstrom not being a finalist for the Norris and as usual, he pulls no punches.

Let it Rock- Newcomer Ti still posting daily (multiple times today) gives us a few good quotes plus her keys to Red Wings dominance.  Oh and apparently she's quite good with the photo/captions.