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Quick Hits: 4/26

Hudler's Coming Home- Word is that Happy's camp will make it official this week and Hudler will be a Wing once more.  Hopefully, we can put this on the back burner until June, but it's something to think about.

Let's Look to the Stars....Again....and Again- Even though the movie poster's perfect streak came to an end, Bingo Bango Jessie's horoscopes remain two for two.  Let's up the third installment pushes us into the second round.

Conference Quarterfinals Game 6 Red Wings vs Coyotes- Blistering thoughts on yesterday's game from the guys at The Triple Deke.  The theme from most of the bloggers today is exception here.

"The Best Team will Win"..It May Not Be the Red Wings - Joe from Red Wings Guy Dot Com certainly doesn't shy away from playing devil's advocate.  Here is his thoughts on the series-ending game tomorrow.

Pierre LeBrun is Awesome- Well, I did manage to find someone who is optimistic for tomorrow's game...Ti from Franzenmuth.  Apparently Mr. LeBrun is a good luck charm for Detroit...and he'll be in attendance tomorrow night.