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Quick Hits: WCQF Game 7

Like You've Never Seen Them Before - It's been a long, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time since Detroit has played a Game 7 on the road.  But as today's pre-game movie poster says, this is it for somebody.

Ready...Set...Gut Check Time - VooX over at Abel to Yzerman shares his unadulterated thoughts on tonight's big game.  It just wouldn't be a Game 7 without some A2Y comments.

Are You Ready? - That's a censored short title from Bingo Bango Jessie, I already got fired from WIM and I have no desire to go through that again.  I tried easing the tension by sharing a joke with Jess earlier...obviously it didn't take.

Game Sev--Can I Actually Type the Rest? - That is NOT a censored title and actually what they decided to name their stress-filled post over at The Scrappy Octopus.  They've been quiet recently so make sure you get over there today.

Jeez, This is It, Isn't It? - Andy from Fight Night at Joe needs Detroit to win this game just like the rest of us.  See how they stress about it in Norway by clicking the link.