Congratulations from Five For Howling...


I know we've had a bit of animosity over the last few weeks, but I just wanted to come on over and say congratulations. It was a really wonderful series, albeit with a pretty crappy ending for a Coyotes fan...not just in losing, but in how the final game went down. The Red Wings are a real beast and they just keep doing it year-in and year-out. I certainly can respect that and I certainly respect the massive amounts of talent that Detroit has accumulated and sends out every night.

I can't say that I will be pulling for the Wings against SJ (because I won't), but I also won't be actively cheering against them...and if it ends up that you play the Pens again in the finals, by all means, beat this piss out of them.

Special thanks to ahtrap, bond021 and Robocop (among others) who made their way over to Five For Howling during this series and gave us a Detroit perspective.

Look forward to seeing you guys again next year...hopefully not in the first round...

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