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Quick Hits: 4/28

Phinal Thoughts on Phoenix - Before looking we look forward to where we're going, sometimes it's important to stop and look at where we have been.  Unless, of course, that place is somewhere you probably shouldn't have been in the first playing hockey in the desert.

Wings Win Game 7 - I have to admit, I'm taking a leap of faith by posting this one.  I can't actually see the video that the ladies from Hockeytown Static posted, but I'm betting it's a good one.

I Can't Write Intellegently About This Right Now- That's how excited Brian from The Scrappy Octopus is about last night's colossal triumph over Gary's pet dogs.  It might not be intelligent...but it's something!

'Tuzzday - Little shout out to Rob of Etched in Cold, our favorite USMC blogger.  Apparently, he wasn't scared going into last night's game.  I guess he must have known something that we didn't.

Recap: The Case for Perfection (Even If 40 Years Old) - Andy from Fight Night's post game thoughts with in-depth recaps and various awards to be handed out.  Nick Lid is still the perfect human.