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Quick Hits: WCSF Game 1

Two Teams. One Winner. No Rules.  Behind the scenes of no-holds-barred play-offs- Yeah I know...I'm a hypocrite for calling people out about long titles and then posting one myself.  But this is different because I didn't make it up, it's the title (altered slightly) for the movie used for today's pre-game movie poster.

Poor Todd's Nightmare Is About To Become Reality...The Wings Land In San Jose And Want To Play- And just when I thought my title was long, VooX from Abel to Yzerman comes along and steals the show.  This post is absolutely chalk-full of quotes...but entertaining ones, as always.

Detroit Red Wings vs San Jose Sharks: 2nd Round Preview- We got another blogging rookie on our hand.  Josh from Josh of All Trades breaks down this series from his prospective.  Good bit of writing and a sound prediction...go ahead and give Josh a look-see.

Sharks Series and Game 1 Preview - Andy from Fight Night provides us with a post that is over-flowing with statistical analysis and devoid of swearing...I know...I'm scared too.

Eulogizing the 2010 Phoenix Coyotes- Wysh over at Puck Daddy enlisted the services of our own Triple Deke Tyler for his first round eulogies.  Tyler, the maverick renegade, doesn't let us down.