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Quick Hits: The aftermath

He's baaaaaaack, Ryan over at Hockeytown, USA blog brings you a great look at Hudler's return to the Wings. Talks about the implications

A Near Purchase  Drew at Nightmare on Helm Street posts up a hilarious pic of a Crosby shirt. Check it.

What the...   from Franzenmuth talks about the high sticking situation from last night. 

A preview of the Penguins and Habs first game of the series. How will the Halak Ness Monster play in the game. 

It's only one  the legendary beardsman Christopher Hollis offers a recap and a word to Wings fans to not worry about things just yet.

Sharks and stuff    Andy from Fight Night at the Joe recaps the game and offers some insight.

Well aren't I a positive Polly?  Jess of Bingo Bango is positive Polly after the loss.

This is going to be a much different series   Rob from Wings Win, Eh?  talks about who looked good and who not so much in the opening game of the series.

Preview of the Penguins  and Habs opening round game. Will there be a sighting of the Halak Ness Monster?