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Quick Hits: 4/5

6 Days Remain - My first post over at NOHS after a long weekend away from the internet thanks to my fiance's computer going on the fritz.  I recap the weekend briefly and look ahead to final six days of the regular season.

Pronger and Laperriere are like a Rattlesnake in the Garage - Jessie from Bingo Bango provides a very detailed summary of her thoughts and feelings during last nights game.  As a bonus, she doesn't just break down the game itself, but the NBC team covering it.

TPL on the Radio, Some Latinas, and the Clinch - Michael Petrella of the The Production Line wanted to gloat about how Chris Hollis wasn't the only one getting his voice heard on the radio...and I've now furthered his ego-boosting.  He did link to NOHS in the I suppose we're even.

Reflecting on the Season - A newer addition to the Red Wing blogosphere. Brad from The Datsyukian Geek gives us a brief synopsis of his take on this regular season.  A little pre-mature, sure, but go ahead and take a gander.

The Streak Lives On! Wings Clinch 19th Straight Post-Season Despite Loss - Ryan from Hockeytown USA is the king of the long drawn out's official.  But he also delivers quality posts that are well written, so we can cut him some slack.  Ryan breaks down yesterday's game and dishes out some 3 star honors.  Enjoy.