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Quick Hits: 4/6

USA Today Gets It Too - Yesterday, Fear the Fin was nice enough to share their feelings about the dreaded first round date with Detroit.  This morning, USA Today was smart enough to break down a possible dance in the desert for round one.  Advantage: Detroit.

TTD Joins TOV: Episode #14- Tyler, the renegade maverick of Red Wings bloggers has always had an interesting vocabulary.  Well, they decided to make a game of it on The Obstructed View.  Head on over to The Triple Deke for more details.

Pros and Cons: Chicago- Ryan over at Hockeytown USA is starting to way in on possible play-off opponents in the first round...he's not nearly as cocky as I am, hence the "Cons" part of the title.  Here's his look at Chicago, he already as San Jose up as well.

Holmstrom up for Masterson- Since the rest of my usuals didn't bother to post anything (hey, it's hard when there's multiple days between games), here's something I found about Holmstrom being nominated for the Masterson this year.

Jimmy Had to Be the Man- Who needed to be the best player in March for the Wings to make the play-offs?  I posed this same question to my readers.  The majority of them said "Jimmah!"...and they were right.  Howard's performance in March was the stuff of legend...and probably a Calder despite ESPN saying that he's too old (what do they know anyway?).