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Quick Hits: 4/8

It's Official: Chicago is Scared - Chalk another team up on my list of teams openly afraid to play Detroit in the play-offs.  San Jose, Phoenix, Chicago...basically everyone who we might draw in the first round.  I'm looking at you now, Vancouver

Pros and Cons: Phoenix - Pros and cons about Phoenix...well I love "1901" but there really aren't any other hit tracks on that CD.  Oh...Ryan was talking about the bad.  Anyway, check out where Hockeytown USA stands on the DET/PHX matchup.  ***fold it, fold it, fold it, fold it***

Red Wings 4, Blue Jackets 3: Post Game Snipes - When Kris from Snipe Snipe, Dangle Dangle isn't writing fluff papers about how much fun she's having teaching her students, she's providing us with quality post game analysis like this.

Offsetting Holding Minors... - Entertaining bit from Rob over at Wings Win, Eh?  I'd post the entire title, but then Casey might fire me from Winging it in Motown...again.  Good stuff from WWE and I haven't linked them in a while, so Rob- I'm sorry.  And the rest of you- read it.

Tomorrow's Lineup @ The BJ's - Babcock says Jimmy starts tomorrow, but won't say who starts on Sunday.  Is that because it could depend on how bad we need points?  I think so.